Cheryl Mucha, Founder & CEO of CFO Your Way, has served as an instrumental background to business owners since it’s inception, as well as Covid-19.

One question Cheryl asks when in contact with business owners is “Do you have the financial strategy expertise to make the BEST and RIGHT choices?”

To address one’s challenges, CFO Your Way offers project-based consulting and often has business owners answer the following three questions:

  1. Do you need to reduce expenses, but don’t want to hurt business growth?


2. Are you trying to stay profitable, but find it challenging in today’s environment?


3. Could you be leaning money on the table with your PPP Loan Forgiveness application?


Cheryl finds project-based consulting enabling her and her team to advise business owners in one critical business area without engaging in long-term services.

It is the perfect solution to address what is most important for you and your RIGHT NOW!

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Here is what Cheryl Mucha has to share:


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